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Warm welcome to our new intern Dr. Salim Hossain Reza

Dr. Salim Hossain Reza joins Tada Medical AB

We are honored and privileged to be associated with Jobbsprånget , they have helped us in finding and recruiting several talented and competitive employees who moved to Sweden from different parts of the world. This time we have with us Salim who will be working with us as a research intern.

About Dr. Salim Hossain Reza, our new research intern

Salim has extensive experience of research and project management in Biotechnology and Cell Biology. Salim has previous research experience in countries like Bangladesh, France and Finland. He has done his Ph.D. from SLU, Uppsala and Post Doc from Uppsala University, Sweden. He is experienced in writing scientific publications and has many good ones to his name. Salim will be starting with us with his primary focus on learning to write industrial grant applications and white papers. We wish him all the best and are looking forward to an amazing journey with him.

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