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Success stories: Tada Medical AB on EIT Health’s list

EIT Health success stories

We are honored to be listed by EIT Health success stories this year. Each year EIT Health rewards the most promising projects by listing them as success stories for recognition of their work and achieved milestones. Our team has developed a fail-safe, weak link connector ReLink that protects the patient and IV lines from damage.

EIT Health and healthcare innovation

This year we made it to the list with 32 other projects in the field of healthcare innovation which were made possible by EIT Health. The projects were approved as outstanding examples of work and singled out for special recognition based on a specific criterion. All EIT Health successes promise to make critical improvements in healthcare for citizens and patients in Europe, and beyond. EIT Health innovation projects, education programmes and entrepreneurship activities are catalysing healthcare innovation across Europe.

EIT Health

Our CEO, Katarina Hedbeck expressed her gratitude to EIT Health and stated that their support has been invaluable. She also mentioned that the Innovation Fellowship programme provided us support and was a great platform to kick start the company.

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