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Expanding horizons: Patent approval in South Africa

ReLink is now approved in South Africa

We are happy to share that we have now been granted a patent for our technology ReLink in South Africa.

ReLink: The road to global expansion

We already hold a patent in Europe, US and Australia. Bringing your patent to approval is not as easy as it seems, but our hard-working team always makes it possible to add to our success stories.

ReLink is a weak link connector that can prevent accidental pulling out of IV lines from the patients. ReLink has the potential to transform the IV therapy landscape, reduce errors, and improve care on a global scale.

ReLink protects patients from harm, reduces the nursing time by the bedside and thus the exposure time. This can prove to be beneficial during treatment of highly infectious patients, such as COVID-19.

We look forward to patenting our technology in 13 more countries in the coming future.

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